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123 Canada’s submission to the Electoral Reform Committee | Ranked Ballots

Ranked Ballots for Canada

Parties elect their leaders with 1,2,3 ranked ballots. Let's elect MPs that way!

123 Canada’s submission to the Electoral Reform Committee

Canada’s electoral reform committee has asked individuals and groups to present briefs. Here is 123 Canada’s brief.


Highlights are:

  • Among the hundred witnesses and panelists the committee allowed, virtually none were preferential voting experts.
  • We propose 3 alternatives:

A) Optional Preferential Voting,
B) Two-Round System,
C) Reforms in case the electoral system is unchanged.

  • Preferential voting is mainstream in Canada, in English speaking countries, and French speaking countries.
  • The major distortion is vote splitting, which allows representatives that the majority doesn’t want.
  • Strategic voting shows how important this is to voters.
  • There are two different models of democratic consensus. In ours, consensus comes from voters, not parties.
  • Preferential voting empowers voters who have minority views, not parties.
  • There are three components to complexity. Overall least complex is Two Round Systems.
  • Preferential systems preserve the benefits of single-member ridings.
  • Preferential voting has great support and it is the system most likely to increase in support.


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